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Family Tree

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Homer is Lisa's father. Bart is Marge's son.
Marge is Bart's mother. Lisa is Homer's daughter.
Homer and Marge are Maggie's parents. Bart is Lisa's brother.
Maggie, Bart and Lisa are Marge's children. Maggie is Bart's sister.

Homer is Marge's husband. Ling is Lisa's cousin.
Marge is Homer's wife. Bart is Ling's cousin.

Selma is Lisa's aunt. Lisa is Selma's niece.
Herb is Maggie's uncle. Bart is Patty's nephew.

Abraham is Lisa's grandfather. Bart is Jackeline's grandson.
Mona is Maggie's grandmother. Lisa is Clancy's granddaughter.
Abraham and Mona are Bart's grandparents. Maggie, Bart and Lisa are Jackeline's grandchildren.

Abraham is Marge's father-in-law. Homer is Patty's brother-in-law.
Mona is Marge's mother-in-law. Patty is Homer's sister-in-law.




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